holidays to the max

It’s here, officially.  The busy season is well in motion.  The holidays are a busy time for all.  It gets crazy.  Cramming in visiting family, having visitors, dinners, celebrations, gift giving and receiving… it’s exhausting!  Our busy season started in October and it’s really starting to now pick up some steam.

We have our anniversary Oct 3,  Sadie’s birthday Oct 19, Halloween Oct 31st.  November we have my birthday November 18th, Thanksgiving a week later.  And December brings Hannukkah usually mid-month, Xmas on the 25th, my sisters bday on the 27th, NYE on the 31st.  And then my dad’s bday on January 12th!!!  It’s madness.

But it’s oh so fun.

It’s really starting to turn into Autumn ’round here.  The trees all look like they are on fire with their bright red, yellow, orange and brown leaves.  It makes the sidewalk crunch wherever you walk.  The air is getting crisp.  We switched out our light summer blanket for our thick comforter.  It feels nice to live in a place that actually has noticeable seasons.  I feel festive.  More than I’ve ever felt before.

I’m usually spending my evenings crafting, cuddled underneath a blanket enjoying a whiskey.  It’s this new cold night ritual that I hope continues well into the warm nights next year.

Today is my birthday.  My sister and childhood friend Stephi are traveling up here to take me out.  It’ll be my first time at a club or dancing in 2 years.  Crazy how time flies.  Hopefully I can remember how to dance, or dress cute.  Then tomorrow my folks get in, ad they’ll be here for a week to spend Thanksgiving here.   Devin’s parents will also be up later in the week to join us for Thanksgiving.

This will be my very first year ever hosting and cooking a Thanksgiving feast.  I’m really looking forward to it, but also a little nervous having my first time being on such seasoned feast-makers.  Mom and mom-in-law have been doing this for 30 years!  Hopefully they cut me some slack if things aren’t Top Chef perfect.🙂

Sadie is still not walking.  But she gets around just fine.  I mean, who needs to walk when you have your very own personal finger-holder that will escort you anywhere you please?  I’m fine with her taking her time to take that big step in life, but for real my back is killing me.

No rush Sadie my love, you take your time.


Not to be a broken record… but we are very busy right now.  So, I have a hunch you might not hear from us for a week.  If not, I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday filled with lots of love, friends, family and food.

Of course, if girlfriend decides she wants to start walking – I’ll get to posting that ASAP!

Until next time….

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