It’s nothing something won’t fix

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My whole life I’ve heard the term “terrible twos”.  It seems to be such a common expression that people use it even out of context.  I remember Sadie being like 16 months old and she would cry because she was tired, or dropped her ice cream cone and people would say, ooh looks like terrible twos!  Umm, no.  First of all she’s far from two, and secondly she dropped her damn ice cream!  I might cry too!  Terrible twos were expected and heavily warned about.  Somehow, we never hit them.  Sadie was a sheer delight throughout her year of being two.  But then as we started creeping up on three, I all of a sudden for the first time in my life heard that threes are worse than twos.  What!!?! Why wasn’t this something people talked about?  Why had I never heard of this until now?  I started hearing about it more and more.  And lo and behold as the days toward three counted down I began to see it.  Those awful 3’s that are criminally under-talked about.

After being educated about this drastic shift in personality that three brings I started seeing and hearing even more about it.  And what I’ve come to understand is that there is even a cute little nickname to go along with the nervous breakdown it will give you.  It’s called a threenager.  Yep.  That’s me.  I have a newborn and a threenager.

There are rules to being a threenager, much like being a teenager… it’s only your parents that you are awful to.  Someone else is at your house?  Awesome, they will put on a one man show and run around and dance and twirl and be cuter than a pink cupcake.  Take them around strangers?  A joy!  They’ll spark up detailed conversations about Santa Claus and dinosaurs and which Winnie The Pooh character they are.  They’ll have that stranger eating out of the palm of their sticky little hands with how a-dor-able they are.  Then you take them back to get into the car where it’s just you and them.  And… oh…. shit…. are you in for it.

No!  Stop talking mom!!

Ok, I won’t talk.

NOOOOOO!!! Don’t sat that!!!

Don’t say I won’t talk?!

AAAHHHH!!!  I’m not a dinosaur anymore.

Ok babe, it’s ok.


Stop the car?!

No!! DON’T TALK! Just laugh!

hahahaha (???)

NOOOOO!!! Waaaahhhhhh!  I want Daddy!!!  Get me snacks NOW!!!

She literally has completely lost connection to her emotion control HQ somewhere in her brain.  There is no rhyme or reason for what sets her into an emotional breakdown.  And she seems like she just cannot catch her footing on it.  It’s absolutely exhausting.  I’m exhausted.  I’m so exhausted.  I try so hard to keep her happy and talk her through these breakdowns.  I try to calm her and relax her.  But sometimes I want to just run outside and keep running.  You don’t know how many pep talks a day I give myself about how I’ll get through this and it’s just a stage and she’ll be the sweet child you know and love soon and just let it pass everyone will be ok.

Luckily she’s not like this 24/7.  It’s more like 4/7.  She’s like this about 4 hours out of the day.  Like I said.  I’m exhausted.

There’s still so many times a day that she melts me and she is as sweet as could be.  I know it’s hard on her too.  Being a threenager is hard man!  But I have to look at the bright side.  I have two beautiful, mostly happy, healthy children.  And that is worth it’s weight in gold, diamonds, chocolate and emeralds.

We just recently went through a little health scare with Carter.  His left foot is turned inward and he won’t hold his weight on that leg.  We were sent to a specialist to get him checked.  I was a (very secretive) nervous wreck about it.  Going through the daily motions but constantly worrying what the doc would say.  I was scared he would tell me surgery would be necessary, but I was even more nervous that he would tell me Carter would never walk normally.  Turns out everything is fine.  He just needs a little massage and encouragement to stand on that leg and the muscles will grow in and correct it.  Amen.  Thank you.

That got me thinking about the expression, “Nothing a _____ won’t fix!”  And on the worst of days with Sadie where I feel awful about myself and so tired I could easily end the day with Devin and say, “Nothing a cold beer won’t fix!”  Because it’s true.  Just a moment of relaxing and recharging helps so much.  And I’m so grateful that something as simple as a drink, or a hot shower, or a pint of ice cream can fix my problem.  In the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t make it sound like much of a problem anymore if it can be covered up so easily.  I thank the stars and moon that my baby boy is healthy.  Because that is not something that a beer can fix.

Health is number one all important.  If you have health, happiness can follow.  We’re working on ours and I’m wearing my patient loving mother hat until we get a tight grasp on it.  But until we have it under control, it’s nothing a trip to the spa won’t fix. (hint, hint Devin)

One thought on “It’s nothing something won’t fix

  1. Katie says:

    A healthy baby is the blessing every parent wants. I am glad Carter’s scare was just a scare (Although, sometimes it feels like YOUR recovery will take longer). Threenager. I like that phrase. I wish I could have had it when mine were going through it. You will make it through and maybe, just maybe have shorter bouts as she gets older. I am kidding, of course you will. Devin’s parents made it through and so did yours. Keep on loving them and they will be great.

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