Christmas 2013

What a wonderful holiday we had.  It was our first year staying home with just our nuclear family.  I loved starting our own family traditions.  We baked and decorated cookies to leave out for Santa.  We wrote him a note.  Read Twas The Night Before Christmas together.  And of course there was Xmas morning.  It was so nice waking up in our own beds and celebrating such a fun holiday at home.  Skipping out on that long 10 hour drive in holiday traffic wasn’t too bad either😉

Sadie was so sweet Christmas morning.  When she came out to the living room to see what Santa had brought, she smiled and acted shy.  She then went directly to a ball that Santa had brought Berkeley, the dog.  All she wanted then was to let Berkeley in and give her the present.  And that was that.  She didn’t open another gift for about 30 mins.  And then another an hour or so after that.  It was past lunch time and she still had half of her gifts unopened.  Totally disinterested! She was SUPER stoked on handing gifts out to us though.  What a little love that girl.



Carter enjoyed hanging out chewing on his hands and drooling all over everyone.  All the presents and paper were fun to look at and all, but drooling was by far his favorite thing about Christmas.



Happy Holidays to all & a very happy New Year!


One thought on “Christmas 2013

  1. Katie says:

    Happy New Year to all of the Foleys.

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