Oh Dear.

Dear Stephenie Higgins,

I can’t believe you are about to have a baby.  Being at your baby shower this past weekend was so wonderful and special.  Once I returned home I kept thinking about you and me and Jamie and the life we’ve lived being friends/sisters for so long.  And now we are all married with kid(s).  I was thinking of all the stages of life we’ve been through together and all the changes and questionable decisions we’ve made throughout our years growing up.  It’s so completely cool to have a friend that has known me so long.  And it’s so amazingly awesome to think about the past and just freak out over the concept that we are like actual real adults now and people (little tiny people) totally depend on us.  HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!

I remember so many amazing Stephi stories from the past.  And in lieu of you now growing life inside you I’d like to take a moment to reminisce over a few faves.

I remember a young super blonde and always sun burnt Junior High Stephi.  I remember you always having Twinkies in your house because your Dad was the Hostess man.  The coolest job ever as far as a kid is concerned.  I remember going to your house one day.  We went into your bedroom where you quickly closed the door and rushed over to your dresser and opened the bottom drawer and a REAL LIFE KITTEN popped his sweet little head out and said meow.  You explained to Jamie and I that your mom wouldn’t let you have a pet, so this was how you decided to approach that situation.  Totally normal.

I remember so many things about our raver days.  A real shining stand out Stephi moment has to be the time we went to that rave at the Orange Show and it got shut down by the cops.  All the ravers forgot about the PLUR and started going crazy trying to break down the gates to get in and dance.  Things got out of hand and the cops starting shooting tear gas and rubber bullets.  Kids covered in glitter and beads and 40 inch round Jnco pants were running everywhere, glow sticks in hand.  We were among the commotion.  As we were all making a mad dash to get into the safety of our car you hear a, “Guyyyyyyssss!!  Wait for meeee!  Oh my goddddddddd!” Behind us quite-a-ways was Stephi dressed in a mini skirt, pigtails, knee high socks, raver bracelettes and ROLLER SKATES.  Frantically tripping over herself trying to out roller skate the rubber bullets flying in our direction.  Probably one of the best moments of my life.

I remember our Hollywood apartment days.  I remember the time Blaze, your 11 fingered and one eyed cat, brought a dead pigeon inside the apartment.  You didn’t know how to dispose of it so you carefully placed a towel over it and left it there on the floor to deal with at a later time.  Or how about the “Cooka Drawer” the drawer in the kitchen that no one was supposed to open because it’s where the cockroaches lived.  I remember many MANY 3am Del Taco runs.  Ah, also the time that we all got matching Siamese kittens and when I got home there were two kittens in my apartment because you found out yours was a jerk and dumped him on me.

I remember our twenties and the Echo Park days.  The camping trips, the parties, the always ending up at your place for after hours parties.  I remember swivel chair ballerina down your driveway. I remember you getting Devin and I to kiss for the very first time by yelling “make out” at us over and over until we finally did.  (thank you for that)

And now I am watching us grow up.  Steph, you have the gift of making everything fun.  You have an infectious laugh and a caring loving nature.  If I haven’t already told you this, I think you are going to be such radical mom.  Your son doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to have the most fun life ever.  He is very very lucky.

Thank you for being my life friend.  I hope our future has just as many stories – this time they’ll all include babies though.  Love you.  I’ll leave you with pics from your shower.  It was such a blast.  Keep these photos so you can show them to your son, Sven Hans Super White Aryan Race Becker.















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    Beautiful… I know someday I will be blessed with a life like this and I pray I can think back on memories I cherished in my younger years.

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