Just Beachy

One huge goal I have always had in life is to be a mother.  A few goals after that is to be a mother of total beach bums.  I’ve dreamt of having sun-kissed, barefoot, blonde-tipped babies for much of my adult life.  I want to spend my days watching them play at the beach and swim in the waves along side.  I want to have sandy bubble baths at the end of every night.  And my kids to pass out as soon as the sun goes down because they are drained from exploring the beach.  My babies are getting older and I think I’m finally getting closer to making that dream a reality.

We just got back from a quick “glamping” trip to Santa Cruz.  We stayed at the KOA campsite that we stayed at once before during our RV trip two years back.  This time we opted to stay in one of their airstream rentals.  Such a good decision.  This thing was so amazing.  Very clean, very fuctional, and even kind of spacious for being a trailer.  Our spot was pretty quiet and private and was covered in wonderful shade.  This particular camp is wonderful for traveling with kids.  They have a huge built in bouncer, mini golf, a train ride, 3-wheel bike rentals, playground and a pool.  We went to the playground at dusk one night and it was pure anarchy – in a good way.  We were literally the only parents there.  The place was swarmed with kids of all ages in swim suits, pajamas, or just shorts and no shirts.  They were all going totally nuts running around playing rough and free.  Totally wild and mostly unsupervised but coming from this kind of over-protective mom, I found it completely heartwarming.  It reminded me of my childhood.  Seeing kids run around outdoors getting dirty and sometimes even hurt, but living life and making friends and sharing s’mores.  That is totally what childhood is for.


Our trip started off with a bang, or rather a blerch.  As soon as we pulled up to the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk I jumped out of the car to run to grab Carter who had been in hysterics in his carseat for a good 30 mins, when all of a sudden I hear a burp and a gurgle.  I look over to see Sadie puking her guts out while still strapped into her carseat.  I tossed Carter off to Devin and ran to Sadie’s side to pull her out of the car mid-puke.  Her and I both ended up with quite a lot of her breakfast on us, but I think her carseat really took the bulk of the fallout. I guess a bowl of strawberries and a tall glass of OJ coupled with a long curvy mountain road don’t really sit well with the stomach.  Not really a great scenario when you are about to go camping and won’t have access to a laundry machine for a few days, but with a change of clothes, shoes and an entire pack of wet wipes we made do.  And off to go ride roller coasters and eat cotton candy we flew.







The bulk of our trip was spent soaking up the waves and sun at Manresa State Beach.  What a lovely, lovely place that is.  Beautiful beach.  Warm water, gentle waves, not too crowded.  Devin and I would take turns watching the kids so we could each go out into the ocean and swim and dive and play in the waves.  And it felt SO. GOOD.  I haven’t actually submerged myself in the ocean since our honeymoon and now that I’ve felt that feeling again I’m craving it so hard.  So much so, that we booked ourselves a night to go back down in a few weeks to get some more swimming in.  Sadie loved the waves.  I’d wrap her up in my arms and we’d plow through waves laughing and splashing.  There was a whole mess of seals swimming in the waves with us, just a short distance away.  And as majestic as that experience was I immediately got my Shark Week brain on and figured that seals = sharks so I scooted me and my little lovely back a few yards to more shallow and easily escapable levels of ocean.















Carter is a little ninja in the sand.  He’ll be three beach blankets down and into someone else’s picnic basket in the time it takes you to shake out a towel.  He kept us busy.  But he had such a great time and even spent some time in the water himself.



We had a terrific short trip and plan on spending many, many more afternoons just like that.  And the whole airstream thing… 2 thumbs up.

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One thought on “Just Beachy

  1. Katie says:

    This was a particularly wonderful post after this past week’s family news. Seeing you and Devin playing with the kids in SC touches my heart. I am thrilled they are becoming the beach babies you wanted. Lots of xxxxxxxooooooo.

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