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Well, say it ain’t so.  After my almost 11 year romance with the beautiful city of Los Angeles, I am closing this chapter of my life and starting onto a new one.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’d probably already know that we have been searching for a home in San Francisco for about 8 months now, and a week ago we found that home.  We are moving to a beautiful house on a tree-lined street in a quiet safe neighborhood with a 10 minute walk to the beach.  I must say, it’s perfection.

But this post is not about our new home.  This post is about my real home, LA.  I came here at the young age of 18 dreaming big dreams for myself and wanting to live my youth up.  And that my friends, I did.  I worked real hard and I partied hard.  I met some of the dearest people to my heart here in LA.  Living here gave me the opportunity to make friends with people around this country and all over the world.  I was exposed to art, music, culture, the fake, the real, bad days, great weeks and so much more.  I have many crazy stories – someday I should write a book about it all.  But one day in the midst of all of that, I fell in love.  And that, Los Angeles, is what I am most grateful for.


I fell so hard in love, got hitched and made a beautiful baby girl out of that love.  And with this new life is where the new chapter begins.  Sadie should live in LA.  She should experience all of its fun and beauty.  But for now – she should be given a big back yard with grass and a climbing tree.  She should be a walk away from a park.  That walk should be a safe one.  She should have neighbors her age that want to have play dates and someday sleep-overs.  She should be able to go trick-or-treating on her own street.  She should be given the opportunity to go to an amazing school with amazing teachers and not have to fight to be accepted to a preschool.  And we as her parents should do whatever we need to make sure we give her the best life possible.  And for the industry that Devin is in, San Francisco yields the best resources for us to provide her the life that she deserves.

We will miss our purple house in the hill.  The house that Devin proposed to me in.  The house we welcomed Sadie into.  Our home.  We have about 2 weeks left in it.  Time to soak up as much of it and LA as possible.  We will find someone good to take care of our home while we are gone – who knows, maybe someday we’ll be back.

all photos by Tofa Kagurabadza

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sweet sorrow

Well… looks like we didn’t get the house.  But don’t fret, there has still been plenty of other positive things out of this trip.  (At least that is what I’m trying to tell myself.)  We’ve been searching high and low for a perfect place to move and raise our family.  It’s starting to look as though we’ve run the waters dry and seen every home worth seeing and still no success.

There is still almost 1 week left of our stay, but usually listings pop up at end of month – not the beginning.  Looks like we might have to make yet another visit up here in a month or two and try it all over again.  And as annoying as packing all the baby stuff up and driving overnight to get up here is… at least that means more time in Southern California with our families before the big move.  And that my friends, is the silver lining.

And the trip hasn’t been all bad.  We’ve definitely fit in some good times.  Plus, Devin has been around more and him and Sadie have gotten in some serious hang time.

And man, this place is beautiful.  Even commuting is breath-taking!

Something must be in the water breastmilk up here, because baby girl grew up!!  She just starting sitting up and now all of a sudden she’s climbing and scooting around the floor like she owns the place!  It’s a treat to watch her have some independence though.  If she wants something she just goes and gets it, and if she wants Mom – she just scales me like a little cliffhanger.


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